happy_d4y (sirmorpheous) wrote,

Kymatica (sequel to the Esoteric Agenda)

I meant to post this on here a couple weeks ago but have been busy. Best documentary I've seen so far this year.

It focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out the psychological disease that mankind as a whole has induced which is creating an insane illusion. It goes deeper into metaphysical aspects and connects ancient hidden myths and history with modern ways of society and political outcomes. It also explains the elites family blood lines and how they are all related.

This also has a lot of information about our false-ego and it's multiple manifestations, and why it's destroying our freedoms and creating anxiety throughout. It also explains shamanism, duality, and the reality behind DNA and modern false new-age beliefs. Overall, Kymatica is another excellent documentary which attempts to point out the fundamental misconception that humankind are facing today which has resulted in an imbalance between planet, nature and species.
Tags: kymatica
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