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FEMA coffins...

Just for the record I'm not posting this stuff for the sole purpose of scaring people. Although, I will admit, all the information I post here I consider to be scary in an enlightening way. Of course it depends on how you utilize it. I'll talk to people at work and clubs or wherever about the economy and the government staging false-flag terror ops and most people just laugh like mindless yuppies. I'm personally getting really sick and tired of people being in doubt of central/federal government corruption when this stuff has been going on for years. Doubting everything won't get you anywhere; keeping an open mind will. How could anyone not take this seriously? I mean 500,000 plastic coffins outside of a FEMA camp in Georgia and it's on video? And congressional martial law has already been declared in the US. You can't make this stuff up.

Think farm communities. The economic collapse is long overdue. The government has got most of us almost 100% dependent on the system for survival (especially in the city here). I feel bad because I can't remember the last time I ate food that I actually pulled out of the ground myself and washed off and used to prepare a meal with. Almost all the GMO food that comes across the border from the US isn't good for you. Even the organic stuff isn't as organic as the FDA says it is. Stop using the normal fluoridated tooth paste and go to a health food store and buy FLUORIDE-FREE toothpaste and ASPARTAME-FREE gum. Those are just simple tips to help people with their overall health. It's time for us to become as independent as possible.

The second video has a strong religious theme, particularly with Christianity. Religion and spirituality have a lot in common. Don't get me wrong..a lot of the religions (especially in the western world) are fabricated and man made. The point is that in this day and age people need to spiritually evolve because this materially realm that we exist in with these material bodies is all artificial and only temporary for our souls. Spiritualism and materialism are in direct conflict with one another, and materialism is making a lot of people suffer. Our material bodies are our source of misery, not our spirit soul. Our spirit souls don't belong in this miserable world and trapped in these material bodies which lust after sense gratification (sex, intoxication etc). We belong in the spiritual sky where sense gratification through materialism is non-existent, and pure happiness is a replacement. To achieve the highest pleasure while in the material body one should render service to the supreme lord through devotional service, and pursue actions that support it. This is the only pure way to transcend your consciousness while in this temporary material disposition with hope of transcending death and entering the spiritual world beyond.
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Yeah... I avoid most of the chemicals like those that I can.
Diet pop is one of the worst things for you.