happy_d4y (sirmorpheous) wrote,

mind control

This video focuses primarily on the mind control experiments conducted by the CIA shortly after world war two (mk-ultra) and project paperclip. People will be sheople if they think the experiments back then have no relevance today. For proof that they do have relevance...just look around you.

Check out http://www.rense.com/general3/patent.htm for information on actual US government behaviour modification patents. These are all real and can be verified on http://www.google.com/patents/.
Tags: mind control, mk-ultra
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Unlike what that Chris Simpson guy said, psych warfare didn't start in the 40s with the Nazis. It's been around for thousands of years.
The form may have changed some, but the practice is long standing.
yeah..one word: Rome.

but if you think that's crazy...ask yourself this, if christianity is really all true and God does exist, what would happen if Jesus has already been reborn and the "second coming of christ" is happening right now as we speak?
Wait for 2012 and we'll see :P

...because he's probably in an insane asylum as we speak.