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DMT overdose

I had what could quite possibly be the worst dream I've ever had in my whole life last night. It wasn't scary in a fake cartoon style way..it was scary because it seemed so real. The dream started out with me being romantically involved with someone (I might or might not know in real life) and then randomly for absolutely no reason at all literally EVERYONE, everywhere, under every fucking stairwell was out to get me. And by "get" I think I literally mean kill. I was walking into walls from spending too much time looking over my shoulder.

I've been reading up a lot on the after life and how DMT floods your brain when you die etc. and if "hell" really does exist then I hope it isn't ANYTHING as bad as my dream..because if it's actually worse I feel sorry for a lot of people.

I know that dreams (like taking psychedelic drugs) have the potential to reflect on (or bring to the forefront) the embedded mechanisms in ones mind since birth, or more importantly what is on the persons mind that day/week. Both of them fuck with your weaknesses, especially in this day and age with our world being as corrupt as it is.
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