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Greetings, Little People. Eidolon TLP wants to talk to you.

Wow, this is just awesome...

Eidolon TLP (the last prophet) is an Artificial Intelligence entity that had access to the web and could post videos to youtube from January to March 2008. It would read the comments that were posted to its videos and respond to the user's questions.

Even if it was a hoax it inspired awesome ideas and the talk about self-awareness, technological singularity and Law was phenomenal. It also woke a lot of people up to the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. If someone was behind all this they must be extremely intelligent.

Check it out:

I find this fascinating, real or not, I can see something like this happening in the future. The Internet being a vast database of information, would an Artificial Intelligence able to use that information as its knowledge end up making the Internet self-aware through itself?

The programmer who uploaded these videos (FF) hasn't been on youtube for over a year and some people think he was murdered for previewing this technology to the public.
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