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Kymatica (sequel to the Esoteric Agenda)

I meant to post this on here a couple weeks ago but have been busy. Best documentary I've seen so far this year.

It focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out the psychological disease that mankind as a whole has induced which is creating an insane illusion. It goes deeper into metaphysical aspects and connects ancient hidden myths and history with modern ways of society and political outcomes. It also explains the elites family blood lines and how they are all related.

This also has a lot of information about our false-ego and it's multiple manifestations, and why it's destroying our freedoms and creating anxiety throughout. It also explains shamanism, duality, and the reality behind DNA and modern false new-age beliefs. Overall, Kymatica is another excellent documentary which attempts to point out the fundamental misconception that humankind are facing today which has resulted in an imbalance between planet, nature and species.
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In response to your comment, yes, I have seen this :D I watched it immediately after the first offering. They are the first videos since Zeitgeist to have an impact on me.

Do you know when Mind Bender is to be released? I am interested to see it but not seen anything around since the trailer.
I don't know about Mind Bender, although it sounds familiar.

Are you into the legal system or law stuff at all? There is a local freeman-on-the-land here in Vancouver and his name is Robert-Arthur Menard (or "Robert-Arthur of the Menard family"...for legal reasons hehe) and he's made quite a few of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen about how to hack the legal system. He's studied law on his own for over 8 years and has renounced his SIN (slave ID Number) card, isn't paying income tax, isn't paying car insurance and is driving an unregistered vehicle and he's doing all of this by 100% legal means. He really stresses the importance of your "natural person" and "artificial person" (e.g. "JOHN DOE" which is a legal entity or corporation of yourself created by the government as soon as you register for a birth certificate) and how this can be used to your advantage in the court of law. Whenever you read any Law or Statute, you must be sure to check the meaning of the word "person" as it applies to that particular law.

He also gives good advice about more minor situations like "parking tickets" and how to never pay another again and never go to court. Also stuff about "violation tickets" and Accepted For Value which can be used to "write off" medical bills, telephone bills etc. Very interesting stuff, and I've actually put some of it to the test to see if it works myself and I can tell you from first hand experience that it does.

Anyhow, I highly recommend checking out this video of his: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6729904244308031068 the first part was shot in Vancouver where he interviewed a few local stupid police about acts and statutes and the rest was filmed at a lecture he gave in Edmonton. I'd like to hear what you think about it.

You can check out his *main* website at http://www.thinkfree.ca/ and I'd recommend signing up for the forums. Lots of cool people in there :)
Of course I am into the legal system :P All the stuff about being nothing more than a corporation makes me feel helpless. Perhaps this documentary you mention will give me hope. I will definitely watch it and pass on it on, thank you :D

All these ridiculous bills and fines leave me fuming. My partner recently found out that he had an unpaid ticket which had amounted to £600 which he had to pay immediately or have items removed (turns out he'd been throwing the unopened warning letters away thinking they were junk). How this is allowed to go on is beyond me. So what, you park in the 'wrong place' for a few hours, big deal. You overlook the £30 fine, big deal. You aren't contacted by phone until the fine is £600... now that is a bloody big deal. These bailiff companies make money out of threatening people basically - what a soulless job.

I worry because my whole life is dealt with through forms and phone calls - I have had a few years bad health (surgeries, hospitalisation, etcetera) and as such am unable to work for at least another year. This worries me terribly as I don't want to be relying on the system you know? Also, although I am in a good place as far as my health is concerned now, I will always 'need' the health system. I am paraplegic so you can imagine. The whole going off the grid thing I find inspiring but because of my physical restrictions I do worry. I don't want to be overlooked because of this.

My partner is the only person I know who shows an active interest beyond just moaning about life and the government. Being in the know, as it were, can be a lonely place :/

Thanks for the links :D
I have a lot of health problems myself but luckily enough for me I'm taking my health into my own hands after relying on and being poisoned by the mainstream medical community for 10+ years. I'm finally controlling my diseases via all natural means :)

I feel that as spirit souls we shouldn't be constrained and held down by the legal system.

What type of unpaid ticket was this exactly? That sounds like something they'd do over here in Canada too. They actually state on parking tickets that if you don't pay within 30 days that they'll confiscate your vehicle. The funny thing about parking tickets (and I'm pretty sure this applies to the UK as well) is that it isn't an actual bill, it's a notice and there is a big difference. With this in mind you can write them a letter (give them notice that you noticed their notice and respond in honour lol) stating that you'd like them to send you a proper bill and a copy of the lawful contract which supports that bill. A real bill should have the word "bill" on it along with a signature of a competent authority issuing it in order to have value. They will very likely send you a copy of the ticket which was placed upon your vehicle. You don’t want that, as it is merely another Notice. You have accepted the first notice, now they should send you a copy of a signed bill. That’s what the Notice was for, to draw your attention to their claim that they have a lawful bill to present you with.

The government is not used to people accepting and then administrating. They are used to people rejecting, ignoring, disputing and yelling. They are not conditioned or trained to deal with acceptance and administration. The government thinks you're stupid because most people are. They like it when people just send in payment and never ask to see the real bill. If I was collecting money, I would like that too.

After a few letters and possibly arguing with agents they'll send you a remittance which you can accept and endorse to give it value. Look on the back of your Birth Certificate and you will find a number. For some reason, they do not identify its function. It is in fact a Bond Tracking Number and helps the government track the revenue it generates every year. That number on your Birth Certificate is your Bond number and you can use it to pay off any demands for payments made by government agents and entities. For some reason the government does not want you to know about this simple fact. You need to use your bond # in combination with something called "Accepted for Value" (signing the remittance form/notice and sending it back to them) which is explained in the video and on his website to properly administer the account for closing and settle the matter without going to court!

Anyhow, on his forums he's got a UK specific section because I know the freeman movement there is growing pretty rapidly. Take care!
I still haven't watched that documentary but I plan to tonight. Sometimes I have to take a break from all that stuff, don't know if you do. It's always on my mind but every now and then I have stop actively seeking it.

Unfortunately for the most part I have to rely on the system regarding my health. Last year for example I had to have my spine straightened. I will give them their credit, the doctors gave me my life back. I was in hospital 16 months. Also, I need things that aren't medicine per se, but equipment and other paraphernalia. Nothing that I can afford to buy privately. At least we have the NHS, for all it's faults, I wouldn't be here without.

It was a parking ticket. When I was in hospital in London my partner had trouble parking and what with one thing and another didn't pay attention to the ticket I guess. They sent him reminders which he never opened thinking it was junk mail. A year later he gets a call demanding £600. I would have pursued it myself but he 'couldn't be bothered with the hassle' so more fool him!

I am always signing some form or another and would definitely like to know what it is I am REALLY signing and then what to do about it. Thanks for the recommendations anyway :D I am fed up of the fear and restrictions that the money trap brings. I really hope, with every fibre of my being, that in 2012 something amazing does happen, and that good overcomes evil and all that jazz. I just want to live in harmony and it hurts to know that until everyone knows the truth - then accepts the truth - we never will.
I've heard a lot of stuff about the UK being a worse police state than America. It's way easier to control people over there because it's such a small island. Also, I think there is something like 4 million surveillance camera's all around London.

The allopathic doctor's certainly have their place and purpose when it comes to helping people. But just remember this, the AMA has a copyright and trademark on Cancer. Cancer is their business. So you (or I) can't go out and cure cancer just like the next person can't go out and make and sell their own pepsi or coca-cola because those are also copyright and trademark names. The allopathic doctors want people to get sick (and stay sick) just as much as a mechanic wants people cars to break down. It's just business, nothing personal. But the only problem here is the cancer business they've created and are thriving on is costing a lot of people their lives. Cancer isn't the only disease that is a copyright and trademark for them though. I live with a disease that is also big business for them and if I considered myself cured from natural herbal methods I would be considered a felon.

The best legal advice I could give you (since I don't live in the UK) is sign up for the ThinkFree forums and read stuff in the UK section. I'm sure there is a lot in there that will help you out.

I understand what you're saying about living in peace and harmony. It's all I want too but this material world is a place of unsteady position and perpetual dualities. Most people act like dogs and hogs and can't think past the $10 they just saved on their jeans from WalMart. This is why we're so out of touch with nature and most people are spiritually retarded.
Well, I would have to disagree in some respects. Although we have CCTV EVERYWHERE we can say and do a lot more than what I hear people can in America without any hassle. We are just watched when doing it. Plus, the police look very different. A yellow jacket and a flash light is a lot different to a gun and body armour. All these police that you see smiling while they beat up a teenager or pull anyone over and randomly search them and be nasty while doing so just isn't what you see around here. Yes, I am a bit out of touch with the outside world because I have been in hospital and then recovering from surgery (not been out and about properly now for two years) However, from what I have seen, the majority of the police you see around here and in London are friendly and just want to make the streets a safer place - I think they truly believe that is the part they are playing. My partner who is from Missouri has lived here on and off for seven years. He says he cannot believe the difference in them, especially how they are less aggressive.

The CCTV is ridiculous though.

Oh I know. I have discussed this with people and they just do not see it. Cancer, HIV, AIDS... my grandmother used to say she believed AIDS was man-made and my family still refer to her saying that as one of her many off the wall theories.

I was frog-marched to various psychiatrists and therapists as a young teenager and luckily my intuition told me to throw away the pills. It was discovering all this sort of political and spiritual information that helped me, I finally understood why I felt different to my peers and that my symptoms were not craziness at all.

Also, look at this:

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

What are the causes?

This illness usually follows in the wake of exanthema (rapidly erupting rash) or after other viral infections or immunisations. There is usually a latent period of days to two to three weeks.

This is the virus I had at age eleven that damaged my spinal cord. No doctor could find out why it happened but I have made my own mind up since.

When talking about this stuff with people, even the one or two that are interested, if I say anything along the lines of your last paragraph they get defensive, defend people that are 'good people, having a good time' etc. and then call me judgemental or too serious. I am not questioning the goodness of people. I have met some total arseholes that are completely in tune with this information, being informed doesn't magically make you a good person. Would you say there is a tactful was of putting the point across without having the judgement card waved?

Sorry to ramble by the way.
I had to google CCTV to find out what it stands for lol. Guess this is what happens when you don't own or haven't watched any TV for a couple years.

I wasn't entirely sure if the police state was worse in the UK or not, but thanks for letting me know. Gives you me more inspiration to travel there one day :). As far as police brutally goes I couldn't agree more. America is the worst by far. From what I gathered from terrorstorm London is one of the surveilled cities in the world, but luckily enough you don't have cops with black ski-masks, riot shields and tasers walking around intimidating everyone.

Remember the DNC 2008 riots? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb84xVMbfqA&feature=related That shit was crazy...a bunch of anarchists organized (LOL) and talked about all the crimes they were going to commit on the fucking internet. so what happened? the cops went and called in overdue warrants, ruined half the demonstration and the other half go and start tossing bricks at cops with riot shields and end up getting beat the fuck into the floor and triple-teamed with mace and tasers.

good thing you never took the anti-depressants. Paxil, Effexor, Prozac are straight up rat-poison! I hear when you flush this stuff down the toilet or the drains it usually doesn't get filtered out by the water treatment plants in a lot of cities and ends up going back into peoples tap water! so disturbing.

I've never heard of that virus before. But the official explanation of that cause seems kinda weird. I've got a couple digestive diseases which I'm not sure if they are man made or not although I wouldn't be surprised if they're from the vaccines.

About your last paragraph. I consider myself a spiritual and open minded person. I also have some friends that are really religious and spiritual who are also into truth, health, liberties and freedom. Needless to say they are some of the most friendly people I know. I've found through experience that associating with self-realized spiritual entities who are also truth seekers makes all the difference in the world than just associating with truth seekers.
P.S. Mindbender is a documentary showing the not-so-subliminal messages and desensitisation in cartoons, specifically GI Joe. The trailer is pretty uncanny, so I am excited to see it.

When I saw this I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

wow, that's some crazy stuff. I don't even own a TV so seeing those mainstream news reports seems so unrealistic haha.

This seems like something I'd want to see. Disney has a lot of subliminal satanic and sexual messages as well. Makes sense though. Walt Disney is a 33rd degree Mason.
I meant was a 33rd degree Mason, lol.
Oh I know, I find the clip from Aladdin the most eye-opening I think. And the Rescuers Down Under. I used to love that film when little. Who'd have thought? I must have spent hours online watching clips of subliminal messages.

It has come to light that for the most part, anyone in the public eye is not to be trusted.