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This video backs up the Hare Krishna views on animals and is a good eye opener for meat eaters who are open minded enough to realize that meat gives you bad karma and destroys your possibility of spiritual realization and yoga meditation. The best way to look at animals is exactly like your fellow humans. They have a consciousness too but it's not developed as much as ours, so therefore they also have a spirit soul just like us. Your consciousness is just a symptom of your spirit soul. The fact that their consciousness isn't developed as much as ours doesn't mean we should take advantage of them and breed them for the sole purpose of killing them just to please our taste buds.

Also, think of our anatomical structure and the physical effects meat can have on your body. We don't have sharp canine teeth like wild animals that are naturally meant to be carnivores and we also don't have the sharp claws. So really, it's the advent of guns and modern weapons we have to thank for the poisoning of our bodies as well.

The philosophy and practice of vegetarianism has a lot of health and economic advantages as well as important ethical and spiritual considerations for people who wish to pursue Krishna Consciousness. Krishna Consciousness is some wicked trippy philosophy of the universe and beyond! Just google it and see for yourself!
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I didn't see too much about the karma (although it speaks for itself to those aware) but good video. I wonder where they got their facts though? Anyone who I would show it to would question the statistics and I'm not sure that I save an acre of land a year :/
I'm pretty sure they got their statistics from various sources. This website: http://www.chreese.com/veganism.itml will back up a lot of the claims. I originally saw that on another forum and the guy who posted it is credible and knows what he's talking about when it comes to vegan stuff.

But yeah, as far as the Karma goes we have to be on the same level of understanding as far as spiritual and philosophical beliefs go to agree on that. The Vedic civilization which existed 5000+ years ago had philosophical, astrological and scientific views which are still wide spread today and understood all over the world. And to tell you the truth, a lot of the stuff from the Veda's actually disproves a lot of the top mainstream theologians theories. The Hare Krishna movement is based on the Veda's beliefs and it goes back even further than 5000 years. I mean I'm sure you've heard about how the Egyptians were more advanced than us in a variety of different aspects, namely architecture with the great pyramid of Giza being the proof. It's kind of the same thing here but in various aspects.

The information from the Vedas was passed down in a disciplic succession (a list of 31 people and an actual God) to our modern age Hare Krishna movement. The law of Karma insures that those who cause suffering or some form of violence to another living being must eventually experience that same level of suffering themselves in the future. It's how the universe stays balanced. In modern human society spiritual knowledge is neglected, and cow killing is encouraged. This is just another way that human society is moving in the wrong direction and is clearing the path to its own condemnation.

As many people in the western world know Karma is intimately related to the principles of reincarnation. For people to understand this they need to understand that when people die our soul transmigrates into another physical body, or you can transcend death and go to the spiritual sky (above heaven) depending on how you much devotional service (love and respect of God or Krishna) you carry out in this temporary material body. Because the soul (also called Atma) is pure spiritual energy it cannot be altered in any way by matter. The Vedas explain in detail that after death the soul may inhabit any of the 8.4 million different species of life on Earth depending on ones state of mind at death and karmic actions. Therefore, the human bodies we currently reside in are essentially just an accurate physical projection of our state of mind at the time of our last death.

Try to understand all this and how it relates to eating meat. Most people think that just because they're eating meat and didn't actually physically kill the animal themselves that they are not being implicated into an act of violence. But this is shortsighted and unsupported by any valid spiritual authority. The law of karma states that all of those connected to the killing of an animal are liable, which includes the people buying the meat and appreciating the murders services. The "end all be all" to this is that if you physically kill animals or engage in sense gratification and eat them just to please your taste buds without thinking about the possible karmic reaction your soul will inevitably transmigrate into an animal body after death.

Anyhow yeah, I could go on about this because it's a pretty complex subject. I just hope it all makes sense :)
I haven't managed to become vegetarian, but over he last few months I have cut down on the amount of meat that I have been eating, and honestly, the only thing that I find hard about it is ordering pizza.
Aside from that, there's not much lacking for not eating as much meat.
Assuming that a vegetarian saves an acre of forest every year, I think I save half of one.
Could be better, but could be worse.