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This video backs up the Hare Krishna views on animals and is a good eye opener for meat eaters who are open minded enough to realize that meat gives you bad karma and destroys your possibility of spiritual realization and yoga meditation. The best way to look at animals is exactly like your fellow humans. They have a consciousness too but it's not developed as much as ours, so therefore they also have a spirit soul just like us. Your consciousness is just a symptom of your spirit soul. The fact that their consciousness isn't developed as much as ours doesn't mean we should take advantage of them and breed them for the sole purpose of killing them just to please our taste buds.

Also, think of our anatomical structure and the physical effects meat can have on your body. We don't have sharp canine teeth like wild animals that are naturally meant to be carnivores and we also don't have the sharp claws. So really, it's the advent of guns and modern weapons we have to thank for the poisoning of our bodies as well.

The philosophy and practice of vegetarianism has a lot of health and economic advantages as well as important ethical and spiritual considerations for people who wish to pursue Krishna Consciousness. Krishna Consciousness is some wicked trippy philosophy of the universe and beyond! Just google it and see for yourself!
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